Fixed-Width and Responsive HTML Email Coding

Each email client can render your email in vastly different ways. TCLIFF CREATIVE has a large amount of experience in attending to these peculiarities and will provide effective coding practices to ensure your email campaign will look the same on all major clients.

In 2007, Microsoft Outlook stopped using Internet Explorer and began to use Microsoft Word to render html emails. This decision segregated itself from the current standard practices at the time. Today, special considerations still need to be put into effect in order for Outlook emails to be displayed correctly.

TCLIFF CREATIVE provides coding services for both fixed-width and responsive designs. Simply download our links template, add your links and special instructions along with your artwork and have your design coded and delivered to your email address in less than 24 hours.

If you should have any questions, notice something unusual or have a specific question with your email deployment, TCLIFF CREATIVE offers free technical support!